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The 30th Anniversary for Jilin Province and Miyagi-ken’s Friendship Was Held in Changchun City

Article From:          Time:2017-07-25 19:07:00

On July 18, Jilin Province and Miyagi-ken held the 30th anniversary on commemorating their friendship in "Jilin -Miyagi Friendship Park". Provincial Deputy Party Secretary and Governor Liu Guozhong and Miyagi-ken Magistrate Mukai Kaho attended the activity and delivered a speech.

In his speech, Liu Guozhong said this year is the 45th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan and coincides with the 30th anniversary of the friendly relations between Jilin Province and Miyagi-ken. Over the past 30 years, the two sides have been sincerely communicated, worked together, continued to deepen cooperation in the fields of economy, culture, science and technology and education, and forged a profound friendship and laid a solid foundation for new cooperation in the future. Looking back, we walked out of a friendship and cooperation road. Looking forward to the future, the two sides will continue to work together, bear fruitful results and benefit the two peoples. Let us take the 30th anniversary celebration as a new starting point, join hands to continue to move forward, work together to write a new chapter for Jilin Province and Miyagi-ken’s exchanges and cooperation and continue to open up a better future.

Mukai Kaho said, in the 30 years after Miyagi-ken and Jilin Province concluded friendly relations, the two sides have sincerely exchanged, pragmatically cooperated, and mutually helped so that their friendship is growing. He sincerely hoped the friendly exchanges between the two peoples will continue to increase and the exchanges and cooperation between the two enterprises will continue to deepen. He wished Jilin Province’s development will be flourishing and get better and better and Jilin people’s life will be happier.