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Foreign Affairs Service Center

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  To provide services for people to go abroad in the province; to carry out international personnel exchanges, reception of foreign delegation groups, and to provide information and answer foreign-affairs-related questions; to employ staff on behalf of foreign bodies in the province; to provide intermediary services for people studying abroad at their own expense; to handle passports and exit visas, and provide consulting services for people in the province who are going abroad; for air passenger agents and sales; for people who go to Canada, Japan, Australia and other countries to settle in, visit relatives, friends, inherit property, and other non-official activities such as the service of introducing information, legal advice, communication and liaison, offshore arrangements, visa applications, and related services; to provide overseas employment information, consulting, intermediary services; to recommend and recruit employees with the commission of foreign employers; to provide pre-departure training for overseas employees; to handle the notarization of relevant vocational qualification certificate for employees outside the country; to handle passports, visas, notary material, physical examination, vaccinations, and other procedures and documents for departure.


  Visa Department; International Talent Department; General Affairs Department; Yanbian Branch; Jilin Branch; Airline Ticket Office


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