Project Matchmaking Symposium of The Jilin Province Overseas Professional

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  From 2002 to 2012, Jilin Province and the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office co-sponsored the Project Matchmaking Symposium of the Jilin Province Overseas Professional (shortened to Project Matchmaking). Through this meeting, the cooperation between Jilin Province and China has deepened, and the industrialization of overseas technological invention has accelerated. It also has promoted the development of talents along with that of economic and trade cooperation of northeast Asian region to a higher level. This has contributed to the economic construction of our province in order to promote the strategy of reinvigoration of the traditional industrial base in northeast region.  The desire is to build up the Changchun-Jilin-Tumen Open and Pilot Area by attracting more foreign/advanced technology, generating capital through project growth, and promoting a more rapid and sound development of Jilin’s economy.  The meeting will be held from August 27 to September 1 at the Eighth Project Matchmaking Symposium of Jilin Province Overseas Professional in Changchun, sponsored by the Jilin Provincial Government and China Overseas Affairs Office and organized by the Provincial Foreign Affairs and Jilin Overseas Exchanges Association.  



  Date: 2014.8.27- 9.1 

  Place: Changchun Huatian Hotel 

  Sponsors: Jilin Provincial Government and China Overseas Affairs  

  Organizer: Jilin Foreign Affairs Office; Jilin Overseas Exchanges Association  

  Participants: 500 people, including 150 China overseas merchants and China overseas professionals, 350 representatives from relevant provincial departments, overseas affairs offices from municipalities and enterprises.  



  Opening ceremony 

  Negotiation and matching for cooperation of economic and technological projects 

  Negotiation and matching for attracting talentsj, especially innovative talents that start own business and high-level managers 

  Investigation of the Changchun-Jilin-Tumen Opening and Pilot Area  

  **This meeting will be carried out through a mutual understanding of the network and other channels of negotiation and matching.  



  August 27:  


  August 28: 

  Morning: Opening Ceremony  

  Afternoon: Negotiation and matching of talent introduction, economic and technological cooperation, and cultural industry projects in groups 

  August 29. 

  Morning: Negotiation and matching of talent introduction; economic and technological cooperation; and cultural industry projects in groups 

  11:00-11:30: Closing Ceremony and Project Signing Ceremony 

  Afternoon: On site investigation in Changchun 

  August 30-31:  

  Overseas representative groups visit Changchun, Jilin, and Tumen 

  September 1:  See off